Fast Site Work recognizes that each project is unique, therefore the equipment and technology of demolition / deconstruction is evaluated on an ad hock per job basis.

Here at Fast Site Work, we have a wide and varied collection of equipment ranging from the simple hand tool to a large Excavator. This gives us the ability to tackle almost any job no matter how big or small.

Type of
Model Quantity
Excavator John Deere 200 2
Excavator Caterpillar 325 2
Excavator John Deere 330 2
Excavator John Deere 450 3
Dozer John Deere 750 1
Dozer Caterpillar D6 1
Dozer Caterpillar D4 1
Dozer Caterpillar D3 1
Padfoot compactor Caterpillar 1
Smooth Trench      Compactor Wacker            Neuson 1
Plate Compactor Coates Hire 1
Arculated Truck Caterpillar 1
Dump Truck Tri Axle 8